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XRServer Member List

This is the complete list of members for XRServer, including all inherited members.
_header_stringsXRServer [protected]
_headersXRServer [protected]
_last_reqXRServer [protected]
_open_socketsXRServer [protected]
_req_to_socketXRServer [protected]
deleteClient()XRServer [protected, slot]
getPeerForRequest(int req) constXRServer
methodCall(int req, const QString &methodname, const QValueList< QVariant > &params, bool &handled)XRServer [signal]
newConnection(int socket)XRServer [protected]
parseContentAndEmit(QSocket *s)XRServer [protected]
readFromClient()XRServer [protected, slot]
sendFault(int req, int fault_code, const QString &fault_string)XRServer [slot]
sendHttpError(QSocket *s, int status_code, const QString &reason, QString resp)XRServer [protected]
sendHttpResponse(QSocket *s, int status_code, const QString &reason, QHttpHeader &headers, QString resp)XRServer [protected]
sendMethodResponse(int req, const QVariant &result)XRServer [slot]
XRServer(Q_UINT16 port=8080, int backlog=1, QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)XRServer

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