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XRMethodCall Class Reference

#include <xrmethodcall.h>

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Public Methods

 XRMethodCall ()
 XRMethodCall (const QString &name, const QValueList< QVariant > &params)
bool parseXmlRpc ()
QString getMethodName () const
const QValueList< QVariant > & getParams () const

Static Protected Methods

bool fromDomDoc (const QDomDocument &doc, QString &method_name, QValueList< QVariant > &params)
void toDomDoc (const QString &method_name, const QValueList< QVariant > &params, QDomDocument &doc)

Protected Attributes

QString _method_name
QValueList< QVariant > _params

Detailed Description

Represents the XML structure for XML-RPC method calls. Handles serialization and deserialization through QDomDocument.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Constructor used when you are deserializing via QDomDocument methods, such as QDomDocument::setContent. After using such a method to set the content, you must call parseXmlRpc, which will make sure the xml has a valid grammar.

XRMethodCall::XRMethodCall const QString &    name,
const QValueList< QVariant > &    params

name  the method name for this call.
params  The array of parameters for the call

Member Function Documentation

bool XRMethodCall::parseXmlRpc  

This method MUST be called each time and QDomDocument method is used to change the document. For instance, after a copy constructor from QDomDocument, or after any setContent method calls, etc...

true if the XML is a valid xml-rpc message

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